I kind of want to spread some happiness during this sad time so do you remember when Astro all banded together to get rid of the cicada in their offices but just ended up screaming and running away during most of it? That was the video that made me fall in love with Astro because it had me dying of laughter! 😂 Also, could I ask who your bias is? I’m sorry if it’s stated somewhere and I missed it. I’m not sure who my bias is because I usually just bias entire groups! 😅

the cicada is a part of astro’s legacy as a group along with trainee funk. it’s absolutely iconic, i’m glad all that high pitched screaming didn’t scare you.
i myself became a fan after becky (hi becky if you’re reading this) had me watch trainee funk. it was an instant connection i made a blog for them in 8 seconds and here i am a few years later gsjdk we love kings of legendary videos.
my bias is mister cha eunwoo.. like you, i used to say i didn’t have a bias. then i found myself at the end of the eunwoo tag of tumblr. given, there wasn’t that much content then. but i really did that and i was like… shit…