*sees Sanhas pics have posted* *immediately checks of you’re ok* I’m glad everything came out fine! He, the boys, and staff are smart, I trust them to keep things appropriate with him ^^

IM SMILING SO HARD SKDKSKDJ you’re so sweet thanks for checking on my overemotional self 😭😭😭 yes the pictures are so nice he looks so beautiful it’s a very classy “sexy” hahaha

hi, sorry if this is overstepping and totally feel free to ignore this if this makes you feel uncomfortable, but I feel like you should stop placing so much importance on sanha not being sexy/grown up or something? I mean we can’t change time and it obviously stresses you out a lot. He’s always going to be a cute noodle no matter what. Sorry if this is a mess, it just worries me when you get anxious over this? I hope you’re okay

oh i already know this anon i mean i tell myself similar things but idk its easier said than done ya know ;;;; thank you for worrying though and being so nice about it

As much as I’m trying to stay positive during this, I just have to say that all of this really sucks. I’ve recently become an Aroha (I discovered Astro in December of 2017) and I’ve fallen in love with their dorky and lovable personalities as well as their killer performances. I also JUST discovered Weki Meki and I’m loving them too… why does this have to happen to not only them but all the actors/actresses as well? It’s all just stupid and I’m not happy about it. I’m sorry, I needed to rant

i know what you think, i feel like every aroha feels like this right now, no matter when they became one. we all love astro the same and the uncertainty around them right now is absolutely heartbreaking