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(oh hdsfdsf sorry here you go!! a lil fic for you <3)

well, this’ll be FUN, dongmin thought as he walked into HIS OWN dorm to hear screaming, a loud crash, and a string of curses. he closes the door loudly and hears shushes coming from the kitchen, like kids who are trying to hide from their mom. as he slips off his shoes and pads to the room from which the sounds had come from, he finds nothing but his favorite mug in pieces on the kitchen floor.

“hey bin,” he calls “what the fuck did you do?”

“oh! dongmin hi!!” bin pokes his head in the kitchen, looking anywhere but the floor where the mug lays shattered, and dongmin’s face “haha some stuff happened, mistakes were made, i have regrets. the usual, ya know”

“yes i do know. but this time it involves my favorite mug. in pieces. on the floor” dongmin says, gesturing pointedly to where the mug still lies, dead

“yes okay listen, so i invited sanha and myungjun over while you were in class,” bin tries and fails to casually lean against the doorway as he looks more like a broken mannequin than a person “and we started a game of tag, obviously, and we ended up in here somehow, and myungjun jumped on the counter to recite that ‘everything the light touches’ line from the lion king and his foot slipped and now we’re here” 

honestly, dongmin wasn’t surprised in the slightest. almost every time he leaves bin alone with sanha and myungjun, something breaks. at least it wasn’t the fucking couch this time

Puppykitty, boyfriend milk, confession please?

puppykitty: “describe your pets, or if you don’t have any describe your dream pet

i have a dog and i guinea pig!!! my dog is a chocolate lab named cocoa and she likes to lay on my side of the bed and get up on the couch and lean against you if you sit on the floor with her and i love her with my whole heart!! my guinea pig’s name is watson (he used to have a brother named holmes!) and he has a black head with a white stripe down the center of his face and he has a freckled white/grey butt and he’s fat as fuck and hates everything except food and i love him v much

boyfriend milk: “what is your dream date?”

cliche romantic road trip involving kisses cuddles and scream-singing along to our favorite songs UM

confession: “do you get crushes easily or almost not at all? describe your crush if you have one”

i don’t really know??? i get bored “i’m lonely someone pls love me” crushes a lot but idk if i get Actually Crushes that much??? i’m demiromantic so hfjdsgh and my crush rn is Still Cute English Boy and everyone keeps saying i need to talk to him but hgjkg no